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Before you start the registration process, ensure that you have the required documents ready

Please ensure that you have documents that relates to type of the business registered

  • Workman’s Compensation Certificate (Certified)
  •  VAT 103 (Certified)
  •  P.A.Y.E./SDL/UIF (EMP103) (Certified) 
  • Company Registration Document (Certified) 
  • Proof of Ownership/Shareholder certificate (Certificate) 
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (Original) 
  • Proof of Banking Document 
  • Three (3) months Bank Statements 
  • Disability Documents (Certified) 
  • Security Officer’s Board registration (Certified) 
  • Municipal Account
  • Labour Broker 
  • Company Profile with Organogram 
  • Joint Venture Agreement/s 
  • B-BBEE certificate

Please note: Proof of documents for all of those above are required to ensure successful registration on the Supplier Database. 

The database will be open from the 21 June 2024 and close on the 19 July 2024

Vendor Registration link

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