By Nhlawulo Vision Chauke

Newly cast Muvhango actress, TUT Language Practice Alumna and former member of the Soshanguve Drama Society, Tebogo Ramoroka, currently has South Africans in awe in her role as a Polokwane Medical Doctor in Muvhango on SABC 2.

After auditioning for the role via self-tape and being informed that she was successful, she had to keep the news to herself for three months before the show aired on television.

“Working there was a wonderful experience and keeping the news to myself was really challenging,” she said.

“It was quite an exciting, breath-taking and inspiring experience - definitely a dream come true, I would say. Tebogo, a Doctor on Muvhango? I never would I have imagined that,” she said.

Ramoroka commended the soapie’s cast for continuously encouraging and empowering her to improve throughout the show.

 “Working beside and with them was fun. Although I was scared because this was my first time in a role like this, the directors were kind and helped me do my best. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and honestly wouldn’t mind doing this daily,” she said.

Ramoroka has more than a decade’s experience in acting. She began acting in Grade 6, competing with other primary schools around Polokwane and winning amazing prizes.

“Being a vivacious youngster, I wasn’t sure what I was doing then, I just liked being active at school. But now I see that it paved the way to get where I am now,” she said.

Working with the TUT Soshanguve Drama Society leader Bra Aca Joe has helped her and others to reach the levels they always dreamt about to reach as actors and actresses.

Actress and Language Practice Alumna, Tebogo Evah Ramoroka.

 “While at the TUT Soshanguve Drama Society, we were given an opportunity to showcase our play called "Ghost Town" at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Being a live show on stage, this experience was vastly different from that of TV. There are no second takes, once they say action, it is just that. If you make a mistake, you must improvise right there and keep the show going,” she said. She added that with television if the Director is not happy with you or the shot, they cut and start from scratch.

She recently also featured in a teaser for upcoming episodes in Scandal during February 2024. 

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