Aegrotat Examination

Aegrotat Examination is an examination taken by a student who has been prevented from preparing for the main examination, or who has been prevented from taking the main examination during an examination period as a result of illness.

The application is subject to approval by the Registrar or his/her designate, based on the examination rules and regulations.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Original medical certificate
  • Proof of payment (prescribed fees are indicated on the application)

Applications should reach Student Services, on the campus of your registration, or via email, within three (3) working days after the examination has been written. Applications submitted, or emailed, after the closing date will NOT be considered.

Note: Please submit your medical certificate using the email address of the Assessment Administrator(s) of your faculty provided below. Your medical practitioner may forward the medical certificate directly to the Assessment Administrator of your faculty. Your student number, initials and surname must appear on the medical certificate. 

Application form as well as proof of payment may be forwarded to the person responsible for your faculty. Forms completed incorrectly or not completed in full will not be considered, please take your time to complete the form correctly.

Bank: ABSA
Account Holder: Tshwane University of Technology
Account Number: 04 000 000 3
Type of Account: Cheque
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Student number (see cost centre and account details on application form per faculty)
Amount Payable: Please see on the application form for your faculty
Application Form

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